Soppen was a two day performance festival at Ekebergparken created by the artist group Trollkrem.
We were asked to brew a beer especially for the festival and made a rice beer with chaga and birch branches.



For our show at Konkret we made a pile of 750 kilo Saccharomyces Cervicae. After making two hatching zones we leaned back and waited for the fruit flies to create black clouds around the mountain of yeast. Curated by Jasmina Kemura and Sophie Greve.


After School Special was a series of party and performance nights at Bergen Kunsthall. For our contribution we made a Hansa clone on a Red Bull starter. The beer was hanging from the ceiling and served in plast glasses with a tiny hole made with a needle in every glass. This created a pattern on the floor, with clusters of drips where people gathered.

The gallerists

The gallerists

At the opening

At the opening

The Beer was brewed on the gallerists, meaning that Dronebrygg used the water from a bathtub that D.O.R. took a bath in during the event. Constituting a fluid negative portrait of artist group D.O.R.´s corpus, the water went trough a fermenting process adding Dronebrygg´s special ingredients and spontaneous yeast from the gallery. During the 12 month long maturing on a barrel in the gallery the beer picked up on the local trace elements in the Gallery situation.

Filling the coolship

Filling the coolship


SQUID was a three week long summer school at Kunsthall Oslo run by The Parallel Action. During the period Dronebrygg held classes and brewed beer for the project to stay self sufficiant in the isolated island known as The Barcode.


The birth of Dronebrygg. Daniel Teigen's solo show at Unge Kunstneres Samfund showed sculptures and paintings surrounding 300 liters of home brewed beer. This was our first batches brewed together.